About Us

Since 1969 Fat Albert’s have been serving great food in the Ottawa area with six locations serving the best in Subs, Pizzas, Salads and more.

We offer daily drink and food specials and of course our famous Fab 4 Pak deal. We offer a fast and friendly delivery service.

Don’t forget to inquire about our “fuss is on us” catering service.

Three of our locations have a Ralph’s Sports bar on site. Those locations are open from 11am until 2:00 am daily.

Browse through our website, send us your feedback, and feel free to contact us at any time. A list of our locations is available, and we have other great locations opening soon!!

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In 1969, Ralph Tannis introduced the submarine sandwich to Canadians from a small sub shop - Fat Albert’s. Soon he built up a loyal following to his newly discovered fast food product. The concept became so popular that franchises were granted and opened. In 1979, the first Ralph’s Sports Bar was opened. At its height in the late 1980’s over 20 Fat Albert's restaurants and 10 Ralph's Sports Bars served Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

A brief change of ownership in January 1990 and the recession of the early 1990s took its toll on the Fat Albert’s and Ralph’s Sports Bar chain. By the end of 1990, Ralph Tannis, in partnership, re-acquired the chain. The net result, after several restructurings, was a decline in the total number of Fat Albert's restaurants and Ralph's Sports Bars

Today, there are six Fat Albert’s restaurants and three Ralph’s bars operating in Ottawa. While smaller in number, the quality of food and the loyalty of customers remain. Ralph Tannis continues to be involved in the franchise system as President of the Franchisor, manager, and consultant. The goal of the franchise system resuming its growth in the upcoming years is becoming realized, exemplified by the opening of a new Fat Albert’s and Ralph’s Sports Bar at 245 Laurier Avenue West in Spring 2013.


In 1979, Ralph felt there was a void in the local neighborhood bar scene. Some evenings after a
movie or play and in want of a place to relax and enjoy a drink, he knew only of taverns, hotel lobbies, and Licensed Restaurants with small holding bars. Well, time for action, time for a neighbourhood sports bar. There seemed to be some restrictions in opening a so-called "bar".

It was a time of rapid expansion of the Fat Albert's concept, with 19 locations, so Ralph decided to design the next two sites, one at the corner of Bank and Evans and the other in the newly designated suburb of Orleans, would include a second dining area decorated like a bar. Initially, the inspectors were a little surprised, but being fully in compliance of all regulations permits were granted and the first two Ralph's Sports Bars were opened with four months of each other.

Hard to believe, but the Large TVs at Ralph’s Sports Bars were quite the new rage. One had a stand up TV Box sitting in a corner, and a big bulbed projector. Picking up the CBC broadcasts of Saturday night Hockey and a couple of Football Games a week, the TVs were only on occasionally.

Oh my gosh, the reaction to this new concept! A casual dining area on one side and a relaxing
sports bar on the other, serving the same great food, accompanied by a full service staff - Ralph’s was instantly successful. Ralph's became the hangout for not only sports fans, but the neighborhood, a la Cheers.

Hometown sports figures like the Ottawa 67's (19+ of course) and Ottawa Roughriders Players and fans all hung out at their favourite Ralph's, enjoying a cold one and playing Space Invaders and Pac Man. It was the place to be. Ask anyone who was of age in the eighties where they went for their brew and it was a Ralph's. With nomenclatures like Ralph's Centerfield, Warm-Up, First Place, Dug Out, Huddle and other sports nicknames, Ralph’s Sports Bar became the place to go and many, many regulars would frequent the various locations and enjoy the company of the staff. Ralph enjoyed his eponymous neighbourhood sports bars, frequenting them daily and getting to know the regulars while ensuring the "Ralph's Sports Bar experience" was always in tact!